DIY Dog Ramp for Pinky

I cannot take credit for this ingenious idea, it came from this instructables here.

My chihuahuas, Rocky and Pinky, are over a decade old and are beginning to suffer from age related joint issues. After our house was elevated and leveled, we got new steps that are higher than the last ones. This was a major issue for poor Pinky, who is already terrified of heights. She was having extreme difficulty getting up and down the steps. I wanted to get her a ramp, but they are very expensive ($100+) so I decided to build one. This DIY instructables was absolutely perfect!

I purchased two wire closet shelves, outdoor carpeting and zip ties from Lowe's. The price was right - $17 for two shelves, $5 for zip ties, and the outdoor carpeting would have cost me roughly $7 (as they charge by foot and cut it to size) BUT I opted for a thicker eco-friendly outdoor rug that cost $20 which I cut myself and plan to use the remnants for another project. So, technically, it is possible to complete this …

Twas the Night Before Mardi Gras

Twas the night before Mardi Gras, and all throughout town
People were gathering, and partying down.
T-Boy was hanging out with his friend T'frere
And knocking back Natty Light without a care.
The children were running throughout the hall
With Tauntie yelling, "GO OUTSIDE, Y'ALL!"
Bernadette was drinking a strawberry daiquiri
While visiting with her sister who was down from Hackberry.
When down from the corner came such a sight
It was the po-po, flashing their blue lights
T'frere jumped up with a flash
"T-Boy! There's been a crash!"
The two friends ran down to the scene
And out from the wreckage crawled ol' Eugene
Now, that Eugene, sha, he was blitzed
He looked at his Oldsmobile, and boy he was pissed!
"Stand down!" yelled out the po-po
But that Eugene spun round and round like at a fais do-do
"T'frere, what the hell is this?"
"T-Boy, I think he's winding up his fist!"
Sure 'nuff, like a Popeye cartoon


Set to the tune of Sussudio, the following is a song that I have been piecing together since I began using the Fuelio app to record the Turtle's gas consumption. It was difficult to draw out all the appropriate words in written style, so I have italicized the ones that should be draggggeedd out.

Exxon Mobil has been on my mind
It's that time - Fu-Fu-Fuelio
Oh oh
Now, they don't even know my name
But they take my money all the same

Oh oh

Millions of locations - there's one right there!
I can drive up annneeeewwhhheeeerrreeeee!

Oh oh

Fuel is what my Turtle needs to run fine
I know it's time when I see the light
Fu-Fu-Fuelio - I see the light!
Oh, Fu-Fu-Fuelio

The fuel light's blinking, urgently
Now the race is ooooonnnnnnnn

Oh oh
Ooh give me a sign
'no-ethanol' works just fine
I pull in right in time
Oh oh

Ah, I've got to pump, to pump gas now
The classic over squeeze I must avoid
Go 'head, relea…

Poems from Beyond the Veil


Without grit and purpose
Too few remain
In the face of troubling times.

Without form and presence
No one can stand
On the shifting sands of auld lang syne.

Without a heart of glass
The blood runs cold
Vulnerability replaced by confines.

Without compassion; devoid of empathy
Who can resist
The temptation of war crimes?


When the current of fate
Directs your body towards mine once more
Will we drown upon the raging river rapids
Or will we awash with the ebbing tide onto the shore?
Will we crash with a cacophony of hate
Or will we mesh in vigor and valor
Uniting against the vapid, delving into the placid
A universal cadence - played out upon the waters of evermore


And in my dream
I were you
And you were me
And as a vapor
We ceased to be
Anything but in between
And in a moment of rising winds
The intertwine of smoke and ash 
I cease …

On Knowing Value

On Facebook there's a Marketplace where the common go to sell their pre-owned wares. Trinkets, trash, toys and trucks - name it, and there's someone selling it! A quick scroll through this place gives one a glimpse into the unrealistic stupidity that the majority of the world resides in - a world where value is largely unknown.

Economics dictates that when something is sold upon the free market, supply and demand will eventually determine the price. Theoretically, an item can be introduced at an erroneously high price and eventually the public's unwillingness to purchase it will drive the price down to a more reasonable one. Amazingly, economics does not seem hold for Facebook Marketplace! The same individuals will relist the same items at the same prices - over and over again. It seems that the majority are more willing to hoard their items than come to terms with the fact that they simply are not worth what they think.

Please realize that this is a symptom of a deeper is…

On Fake News

The term 'fake news' has become so popular that one would be quite surprised if Merriam Webster did not add it to next year's list of new words. That is, however, if they can agree on a defintiion.

What is the definition of fake news? It would appear that the U.S. President believes it encompasses any news that reflects him negatively. He, after all, has practically coined the phrase!

The truth of 'fake news', however, is a much deeper issue.

Long gone are the days where one can pull up a search engine, type in a word or phrase, and actually believe what the resulting links tell us. Long gone are the days where one could 'share' a news article online and take for granted that what is being reported is the truth.

Oh, the oxymoron - fake news IS real!

Imagine the hurt in our parents' eyes when they finally realize the news channel they have grown old with is now blatantly biased and purposely telling them everything they want to hear! Imagine the hurt in …

On Positive Irrationality (Guest Submission)

This is a guest submission from a somewhat zany friend who requested to remain anonymous! Look forward to more guest submission posts in the future! Enjoy! 

On Positive Irrationality
Why “Irrationality”?  Reason enables us to make good decisions in pursuit of our goals; it is extremely useful and a vital part of our thinking.  But how do we choose those goals?  Sometimes we choose a goal because it is a part of another goal, or something we see as a necessary step towards another goal, but that only pushes the question back another step or two.  What, in the end, is the wellspring of our motivations?  To find the innermost core of who we are and what we want, it is necessary to look beyond rationality into the realm of emotion and the spirit.
Positive irrationality is a way of approaching life which celebrates the emotional experience, teaching us both to better appreciate it and, ultimately, to better it; it is a philosophy, an attitude, and a spiritual outlook focused on accepting and …