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"If You Need Anything, Let Me Know"

It is often uttered and often heard, "if you need anything, let me know" but it is rarely followed through on. This phrase has become a way to appear to care without actually having to care. The issuing party generally banks upon the receiving party never calling in this spoken promise of help. The receiving end generally takes for granted that the issuing party is being polite, and they would not want to burden them by calling in this promise of help. This has become a hollow formality - but that is merely a generality.

There are those among us, however, who stand behind the phrase "if you need anything, let me know." I urge everyone to rethink these words before ever uttering them again. If we do not mean it, then we should not say it. If we want to give someone the appearance of caring, without actually having to follow through on caring, then utter another phrase like "you'll be in my thoughts." For when we say "if you need anything, let me k…

On Fantasy as an Escapism from Reality

There is nothing easy about reality. Fantasy will always be easier. That is why our lives have been filled with fantasy since birth - fairy tales, sweeping tales of romance, novels, television, movies, etc... When we escape into fantasy, then we run the risk of unconsciously fucking up our own lives. When we escape into fantasy, we are exchanging the reality of the moment for future hopes and dreams. The deteriorating situation of our reality makes us want to escape into fantasy even more, and thus the cycle perpetuates.

From childhood, we are taught how to dream. We are told we can become anything, yet we are not taught how to become anything. Our heads are filled with tales of far away lands, and our expectations are hinged upon unrealistic plans. We are encouraged to hold onto our dreams and, when adulthood arrives, we are thrust out upon a scene that is unfamiliar. One which does not hold to our inward projections of life in the real world, or those depicted on the silver screen. …

On Judging Others

How easy it is to look at the actions of another and be tempted to utter, "how stupid they are!" Humans find this much easier than taking the time to reflect on their own lifetime of actions and recall times in which they thought of themselves, "how stupid I was!" That mere instance of reflection can bring clarity in knowing the difficulties of making wise decisions when under the cloud of emotionality. It is far easier to objectively view the life circumstances of another and reach impartial conclusions, than it is for an individual to see their own life circumstances without the haze of confused sentimentality.

Never judge another for their inability to see their own circumstances clearly. Never become upset when our sagest advice is ignored and the person plunges head-on into disastrous territory. Take it neither personally nor fuduciarily. The person's actions have no bearing on us, nor do we have any responsibility over their actions. Call upon empathy, an…