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On Positive Irrationality (Guest Submission)

This is a guest submission from a somewhat zany friend who requested to remain anonymous! Look forward to more guest submission posts in the future! Enjoy! 

On Positive Irrationality
Why “Irrationality”?  Reason enables us to make good decisions in pursuit of our goals; it is extremely useful and a vital part of our thinking.  But how do we choose those goals?  Sometimes we choose a goal because it is a part of another goal, or something we see as a necessary step towards another goal, but that only pushes the question back another step or two.  What, in the end, is the wellspring of our motivations?  To find the innermost core of who we are and what we want, it is necessary to look beyond rationality into the realm of emotion and the spirit.
Positive irrationality is a way of approaching life which celebrates the emotional experience, teaching us both to better appreciate it and, ultimately, to better it; it is a philosophy, an attitude, and a spiritual outlook focused on accepting and …

Ode to That One Butter Knife in My Cutlery Drawer That Doesn't Match the Rest

Oh, Oneida knife of butter!
Thou clearly doth not match the others -
my main cutlery is merely off-brand.
Pray tell, whence did thou strand?

Did a visitor bring you of their own accord,
only to absentmindedly leave you behind?

Did I leave a residence with you on board,
and to return you felt disinclined?

Did I spy you in a yard sale cutlery horde,
and the need for a single butter knife sprang to mind?

Nay, these three possibilities seem highly contradictory.
Your origin story remains shrouded in mystery...

Regardless the source, dear Oneida knife of butter, you are eminence!
You're the most widely used butter knife on the premises!
Oh, the allure of fine flatware -
the gleam of stainless steel ensnare,
the weight in my hand most gleeful...
you make buttering pancakes feel regal!

Aye, let's cease this point of origin inquisition!
I shall, instead, adore you most consistence
for your bright brief light, your addition
to an otherwise mundane existence!