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On Knowing Value

On Facebook there's a Marketplace where the common go to sell their pre-owned wares. Trinkets, trash, toys and trucks - name it, and there's someone selling it! A quick scroll through this place gives one a glimpse into the unrealistic stupidity that the majority of the world resides in - a world where value is largely unknown.

Economics dictates that when something is sold upon the free market, supply and demand will eventually determine the price. Theoretically, an item can be introduced at an erroneously high price and eventually the public's unwillingness to purchase it will drive the price down to a more reasonable one. Amazingly, economics does not seem hold for Facebook Marketplace! The same individuals will relist the same items at the same prices - over and over again. It seems that the majority are more willing to hoard their items than come to terms with the fact that they simply are not worth what they think.

Please realize that this is a symptom of a deeper is…

On Fake News

The term 'fake news' has become so popular that one would be quite surprised if Merriam Webster did not add it to next year's list of new words. That is, however, if they can agree on a defintiion.

What is the definition of fake news? It would appear that the U.S. President believes it encompasses any news that reflects him negatively. He, after all, has practically coined the phrase!

The truth of 'fake news', however, is a much deeper issue.

Long gone are the days where one can pull up a search engine, type in a word or phrase, and actually believe what the resulting links tell us. Long gone are the days where one could 'share' a news article online and take for granted that what is being reported is the truth.

Oh, the oxymoron - fake news IS real!

Imagine the hurt in our parents' eyes when they finally realize the news channel they have grown old with is now blatantly biased and purposely telling them everything they want to hear! Imagine the hurt in …