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Poems from Beyond the Veil


Without grit and purpose
Too few remain
In the face of troubling times.

Without form and presence
No one can stand
On the shifting sands of auld lang syne.

Without a heart of glass
The blood runs cold
Vulnerability replaced by confines.

Without compassion; devoid of empathy
Who can resist
The temptation of war crimes?


When the current of fate
Directs your body towards mine once more
Will we drown upon the raging river rapids
Or will we awash with the ebbing tide onto the shore?
Will we crash with a cacophony of hate
Or will we mesh in vigor and valor
Uniting against the vapid, delving into the placid
A universal cadence - played out upon the waters of evermore


And in my dream
I were you
And you were me
And as a vapor
We ceased to be
Anything but in between
And in a moment of rising winds
The intertwine of smoke and ash 
I cease …