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DIY Dog Ramp for Pinky

I cannot take credit for this ingenious idea, it came from this instructables here.

My chihuahuas, Rocky and Pinky, are over a decade old and are beginning to suffer from age related joint issues. After our house was elevated and leveled, we got new steps that are higher than the last ones. This was a major issue for poor Pinky, who is already terrified of heights. She was having extreme difficulty getting up and down the steps. I wanted to get her a ramp, but they are very expensive ($100+) so I decided to build one. This DIY instructables was absolutely perfect!

I purchased two wire closet shelves, outdoor carpeting and zip ties from Lowe's. The price was right - $17 for two shelves, $5 for zip ties, and the outdoor carpeting would have cost me roughly $7 (as they charge by foot and cut it to size) BUT I opted for a thicker eco-friendly outdoor rug that cost $20 which I cut myself and plan to use the remnants for another project. So, technically, it is possible to complete this …