DIY Dog Ramp for Pinky

I cannot take credit for this ingenious idea, it came from this instructables here.

My chihuahuas, Rocky and Pinky, are over a decade old and are beginning to suffer from age related joint issues. After our house was elevated and leveled, we got new steps that are higher than the last ones. This was a major issue for poor Pinky, who is already terrified of heights. She was having extreme difficulty getting up and down the steps. I wanted to get her a ramp, but they are very expensive ($100+) so I decided to build one. This DIY instructables was absolutely perfect!

I purchased two wire closet shelves, outdoor carpeting and zip ties from Lowe's. The price was right - $17 for two shelves, $5 for zip ties, and the outdoor carpeting would have cost me roughly $7 (as they charge by foot and cut it to size) BUT I opted for a thicker eco-friendly outdoor rug that cost $20 which I cut myself and plan to use the remnants for another project. So, technically, it is possible to complete this project for under $35 with tax, but mine ended up costing around $47 after tax.

As usual, I found myself leaving Lowe's with an over-sized load (6 feet of shelving and 6 feet of carpeting) - seemingly forgetting that my mini-compact is less than 10 feet long! Again, as usual, I was pleasantly surprised how much I can cram into the Turtle (last month I fit 5 - 30# bags of soil and a 2X2 planter!! who needs an SUV!?!?! - well, technically I did for the return trip when I needed 10 more bags of soil lol but thankfully I was able to borrow my mom's).

Good job, Turtle! 
For this project, I needed:
Two Wire Closet Shelves

Outdoor Carpeting
Zip Ties and Tools

I took the two wire shelves and zip tied them together:

Then, I zip tied the carpeting onto the shelving. I poked holes with Noah's knife since I did not have an awl.

I secured it to the bottom first on both sides of the shelving, placing a zip tie every 10-12th rung. Once I had the bottom secured on both sides, then I made sure the carpeting was smooth (I had to remove some zip ties and re-position them as needed).
I then secured the carpeting to the ends of the ramp. 
I then rolled the extra carpeting over the raised sides and zip tied them in place. I clipped the ends of all zip ties and turned them to where there would not be any exposed sharp edges. 

And there you have it! A completed dog ramp:

Ms. Pinky being guided onto the ramp by Noah.
For added stability, I went and anchored the ramp to the railing after these pictures were taken. This step was probably the hardest out of the entire project! I had to drill 1/4" holes into the railings (that was the fun part! I grunt like Tim the Toolman Taylor every time I use power tools 🤣🤣🤣). Aligning those suckers was not so easy. Putting the anchors in place was easier, but tapping the nail in to secure them was not easy, as you can tell by my photos:

What I used (cost $3)

What I did -- As you can see, it took me a few extra holes to get the anchors aligned, and it took me a lot of hammering to get the little nails in place. Ultimately, it worked, and the ramp clicks into the groove allowing me the option to remove them if need be. The ramp hides the clips from view (and the extra drill holes and hammer marks 😉)
So, there you have it - an easy DIY dog ramp! It took me roughly five hours from start to finish. There was some trial and error involved (such as how to zip tie the carpet in or where to put the anchors), but overall I found the experience quite pleasant (aside from the sneezing, wheezing, & itching -- apparently I'm mildly allergic to the outdoor carpeting lol 🤧).

The ultimate compliment was when the neighbor came over that evening for funnel cakes and she commented on how the ramp looked store bought 😎 Good job, Mel 👏


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