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The winter before the flood, I decided to try my hand at sculpting. I choose polymer clay as the medium to work with, and I made less than ten pieces before life became hectic and I set the hobby aside.

Towards the end of June this year, I saw a pendant on ebay that I loved and I decided to try and recreate it instead of purchasing it - and thus my former hobby was rebooted with a new purpose in mind: jewelry making. I have not been able to recreate that pendant, yet, because it is a bit more complicated than I originally assessed, but along the way I have been able to create some really cute items!

I now have a product page: and I hope to have an Etsy page by the end of the year. On Saturday, September 15th, I will have a booth at the Abbeville Farmer's Market. This will be my first attempt at selling my pieces, as I have been giving them away as gifts up to this point.

For those who are unaware, polymer clay remains soft until it is baked. I use the uncolored clay, bake it to harden, and then paint it with acrylic paint. Unlike most people who make jewelry out of clay, I do not use any pre-made molds. I make all my pieces by hand - except for the pair of heart earrings (pictured below), I have a metal die cut to help form that shape (which I do not always use, see the skeleton heart as an example in the last photo).

I currently make pendants (to wear as a necklace or to hang as a rear view mirror charm), earrings, pins, broaches, and fridge magnets. Below are some of my favorite pieces, as well as a behind the scenes look at how I make them.

This rose pendant is one of the first pieces I made when I began sculpting in late June.

A soccer ball magnet I made for my nephew. I plan to do more sports themed magnets in the near future.

A pair of heart earrings I made for a friend's birthday.

A teacher gift I made for my favorite server at the local sushi restaurant, who also happens to be a special ed teacher! It is a pair of A+ earrings and a paper & pencil pin.

A cat pin I made for the woman who organizes the Farmer's Market, who is also a supervisor at the parish Rabies Control clinic.

Pumpkin pendant

Ghost yelling BOO earrings 

Bloodshot eyeball earrings 

My favorite piece - Mr. Pumpkin & His Pussycat Hat broach! See how he was made below:

I started off with the cat face - which my sister said looked like the face of the Pink Panther! 

He looks more like a cat with his ears! But now it's good to know that with a little bit of a deviation, I can make a Pink Panther ;-) 

Then I created the pumpkin

I made the little paws and tail 

Then I assembled the parts and glued them together with a special polymer clay adhesive that cures in the oven. Since the piece was top heavy, I had to support the cat's head while baking to ensure that it baked straight and wouldn't come out bent (which I have had happen with another piece).

Some of my Halloween themed items mounted on business cards and ready to display at the Farmer's Market next month! The top row are pendants, followed by broaches and pins, earrings, and then the last row are magnets. 

For a complete viewing of all the items I have created since I began in late June, please check out my product page:


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